Shadow~Saint Clothing line is an innovative and up and coming new clothing line derived from my Comic-Book series called The Pack. Building everything from my Comic-Book, The Logo, and my Brand. I specialize in sequential art through storytelling as well as getting my product out to consumer's in a timely manner. Taking pride in my companies ability to deliver product to the consumer on time. I feel as a hole, Shadow~Saint Clothing Line. Will soon be the next big thing in Urban~Culture clothing line.

Black Hoodie

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Yellow sweater

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Blue Sweater

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Purple Sweater

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Magenta Hoodie

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Shadow Saint ~Clothingline

Shadow~Saint Clothingline™️ a clothingline derived from my Comic-Book called The Pack. Consists of a variety of merchandise from hoodies, beanies, and socks that contain high quality material dropshipped from China.

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